London on the Modern Day Bad Boys

London escorts meet these bad boys on an everyday basis. Modern day bad boys come to us in many different guises. Some are business men in respectable suits whilst others may be professional footballers. Vinnie Jones is an example of a bad boy that many women love.

Some of the men who visit London escorts are just bad because they want to be. More than likely most of them go home to their wife and family, but whilst they are spending time with their favorite London escorts, they get to live out their bad boy life style or dream.

According to sex expert Dr. Bliss the bad boy will always stay with us. He is seen as someone who can take charge and we might even enjoy being put into our place by the bad boy of our choice.

Dr. Bliss even suggests that if we look at modern day celebrity culture, we will come across many real and fictional bad boy characters that we admire.

Another perfect example of a bad boy is Indiana Jones. We may not pay a lot of attention to his university professor image, but once he puts his leather hat on and cracks his whip, female eyes around the world light up.

London escorts know that the bad boy image can also be part of role play. Some men are very insecure and they seem to enjoy more than others the role of the bad boy.

Surprisingly, Dr. Bliss now suggests that the nerd may be the next popular bad boy image. This is the bad boy of the modern age. He is the guy who can bring down countries and business organizations with a couple of strikes on his beloved keyboard.

All women and London escorts of know that men are just naughty little boys at heart. However, this does not explain why some women prefer bad boys over the nice boys.

Some women even seem to form relationships with the wrong men time and time again. The men they form relationships are either crooks, treat them badly or simply not the sort of guy you would bring home to meet your mother.

There is believed to be some deep seated psychological reasons behind this attraction to danger liaisons, and it may even take us back to the time before London escorts and East End bad boys.

The Bad Boy Once Upon a Time

Before someone had even coined the terms East End bad boys and London escorts, we were all hunter gatherers. The male did the hunting and brought home the prey, and women stayed at home to look after the offspring.

Women soon realized that the best and strongest hunter was also the one who took the most chances and risks. You could even say that he was a bit of a bad boy.

In these modern times the image of the cave man bad boy lives on in our collective memory. Many women are still attracted to the strong, tough guy who gets out there and gets the business done.

Perhaps we should all revalue the image of the bad boy, and realize that the strong cave man women were attracted to thousands of years ago still lives on. He may not bring home a mammoth for dinner but he may rob a casino of millions of dollars and get away with it.

Come to think of it, clean cut Mr. Nespresso himself, George Clooney, has a bit of a bad boy image these days. Like Dr. Bliss puts it: “We may not live and die for the bad boys themselves but we do love their sexual chemistry.”

Anyone for another cup of coffee or is it straight to bed?


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